“A Snapshot of Advice” by Lisa Salabsky, Photographer

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Lisa Salabsky is a photographer based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Her work focuses on nature and floral subjects, particularly close up photographs showcasing the beauty of flowers. She graciously took some time to give wonderful advice to some of our young readers pursuing photography.


A photograph for most people is simply a way to capture a memory. It’s a quick tap of a button on a mobile phone. For others, photography is an art form. Many of us look at photography as a way of seeing the world from a different perspective, as a vehicle for creating an emotion, and ultimately telling a story.

Photograph by Lisa Salabsky

When behind a camera, the photographer immediately sees the world in a different way. The viewfinder allows the photographer to begin to think and create in terms of composing the image, using the eye to create an artistic image. It also allows for the purpose of the shot to be determined; there is an inherent difference between posting a snapshot on Facebook and creating a lasting image.

Photograph by Lisa Salabsky

A serious photographer is very aware of the composition of the photograph. The photographer needs to think about creating a multi-dimensional image that evokes a feeling or creates a story for the viewer. The foreground and background should be taken into consideration, as should other basic design elements such as the rule of thirds, leading lines, symmetry, framing, the angle of the light and depth of field. These elements are what separates the mobile phone photographer from the artist.

Photograph by Lisa Salabsky

Ultimately, photography is an expression of how one sees the world around them. This world could be a microcosm or the cosmos; it does not matter. What matters is that the photographer has an enjoyment of the art form and continues to find new and different ways to express themselves through the camera.

Photograph by Lisa Salabsky
Photograph by Lisa Salabsky

All photographs copyright © Lisa Salabsky

Thank you for your contribution to YAM!

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